Apr 11

Two Mitchell businesses fail alcohol compliance check

Fourteen of sixteen Mitchell businesses that sell alcohol passed a recent compliance check conducted by the South Central Alcohol Task Force. Freedom Valu Center, County Fair Food & Fuel, Cubby’s West, M&H, Kwik Phil, Walgreens, All-Star Convenience Store, Graham’s Mobile, I90 Travel Plaza, Thunderbird Lodge, Highland Travel Plaza, Rob’s Short Stop, Shopko, and Thirsty’s refused to sell alcohol to an underage confidential informant.


Officer Dan Kopfmann says there were two failures as a result of the alcohol compliance checks and they occurred at Easy Come Easy Go and Westside Sinclair.  In the Easy Come Easy Go compliance check the clerk not did check the Confidential Informants identification, but still made the sale of alcohol.  In the Westside Sinclair compliance check the clerk did check the Confidential Informants identification, but sold the Confidential Informant alcohol.   This is Easy Come Easy Go’s first failure within a 24-month period and this is Westside Sinclair’s second failure within a 24-month period.

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