Sep 08

A more confident Dustin Lynch supplies music to get your groove on, with “Current Mood”

BBR Music Group It’s safe to say Dustin Lynch’s Current Mood is a pretty darn good one. As his third album comes out Friday, its second single, “Small Town Boy,” is #1 on the Billboard country chart.

If you notice Dustin seeming a little cockier on Current Mood, he says his buddies on the road are to thank.

“I’ve become a whole lot more confident in who I am as an artist over the past few years,” he tells ABC Radio, “being on the road with Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line and now Brad Paisley — more confident as a performer, but also more confident in what I want to say and who I want to be onstage.”

“With that confidence, I think comes the songwriting you’re seeing and the songs we recorded,” he explains. “It’s all geared toward the live show and wanting to have that connection with the crowd and wanting to get [them] up and dancing and moving and feeling each other.”

Dustin even says Current Mood is sexier and bolder, because his outlook has expanded since his second record.

“I guess that’s been the last three years of my life,” he reflects. “It’s been a little bit edgy, and I’ve traveled so much. I’ve met so many people, been on so many adventures and that all kind of comes out, not only lyrically, but sonically on this album.”

Current Mood already boasts two number ones:  the lead single “Seein’ Red” and his latest chart-topper. So which song will he release next?  

“It’s not decided. ‘Small Town Boy,’ it actually moved so quick on us, it kinda caught us off guard… I know this,” he adds proudly, “there’s not a wrong answer, so it’s just kinda pulling the trigger on which one now.” 

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