Sep 12

Shania, Kelsea, and Taylor: The superstar collaboration that could be on the way

Ethan Miller/Getty Images via ABCWhen Shania Twain set out to make her first studio album in 15 years, the Canadian superstar was determined to write the entire project by herself. Now that the record is finished, though, Shania is entertaining the possibility of teaming up with some other artists in the future.

Both Kelsea Ballerini and Taylor Swift have made no secret of how much they adore the pop/country icon, and Shania herself feels much the same way.

“I’d love to collaborate with both those girls,” Shania says. “I admire them both. Kelsea Ballerini couldn’t be a sweeter person. She’s very genuine and sincere. She’s passionate about what she’s doing, so it’s a compliment when she says those things about me and to me. She’s a real sweetheart.”

As for Taylor, you could make a strong argument that Shania paved the way for her massive crossover success from country to pop, though she’s hesitant to claim any credit.

“She’s been so gracious over the years, and always referring to me,” Shania says of Taylor. “And she’s just a really cool person, you know. I can just sit with her and chat and get real, so [she’s] definitely somebody I could sit around and write a song with, for sure.”

Shania’s new album, NOW, comes out September 29.

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