"Little Bit of You" Started as a String of Texts with Chase Bryant's Ex-Girlfriend

BBR Music GroupChase Bryant’s second single, “Little Bit of You,” is not only the biggest hit of his career so far, it also has a serious shot at going number one — not too bad for a song that was a bit of an accident.

“Man, it was kinda one of those songs that just happened spontaneously. We weren’t really meaning to write that one, it kinda just happened,” he recalls. “It was a text message back and forth between me and my ex-girlfriend that I was with at the time, and that’s really kinda how it started. It was just kind of a log of text chains that had kinda come back and forth and back and forth.”

From there, Chase says he ended up writing a straightforward song about what it’s like to be away from the one you love.

“I felt like I just was like ready to write a song that wasn’t trying to be clever and wasn’t trying to be anything contrived. It was just one of those songs that just said, ‘I need you here, that’s what it is, and I need you here now.’ And that’s really how it got written, too. You know what I mean? I think it’s just a real sum-up of what the sky looks like at midnight and what you need there beside you.”  

The Texas native also managed to craft a song that has some longevity. “Little Bit of You” has been on the charts for almost a year.

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