50th Annual CMA Awards: Brad & Carrie Take on the Election

ABC/Image Group LAPolitics is usually something country music award shows shy away from, but co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood played it for laughs during the 50th Annual CMA Awards Wednesday night.

After a star-studded musical opening, Brad and Carrie took the stage and started singing George Jones’ “The Race Is On,” changing the lyrics to “We’re so freakin’ sick of politics/we don’t even care who wins.”  Then, they complained that the election was lasting “Forever and Ever, Amen,” which they sang until Carrie groaned, “Make it end!”

“What I think doesn’t really matter,” quipped Brad. “Because this show is rigged. Bigly.”   As Carrie continued to speak, Brad poked fun at Donald Trump’s behavior in the presidential debates, interjecting, “Wrong!”, invading her personal space, and calling her a “nasty woman.”

Carrie announced that everyone on the show would get a special gift basket…of “depolorables.”  She pulled out a basket and started removing items, which included “camo and ammo” — “Your favorite caliber, Miranda!” quipped Carrie. 

There were also beer goggles, which Brad said Luke Bryan could use; Willie Nelson’s “Pot”ted Meat; Florida Georgia “Lime” drink and “Girl Crush” Hard Soda; a giant “Bra of Many Colors” and, in a supremely silly bit, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Ken and Barbie Dolls.  Carrie put them together in a toy “Soul 2 Soul” tour bus, pretended they were — y’know — and then sang “Let’s Make Love” with Brad.

One non-political joke featured Brad noting that anyone who was important in country music was in the house, and Carrie asking if that “leaves us vulnerable.”  In a nice bit of ABC cross-promotion, Brad explained that there was one Designated Survivor, in a secure offsite location, who’d be alive to “fill their shoes” if something happened to them.  It turned out to be none other than Billy Ray Cyrus.

By the way, by the time the night ended, we’d counted at least 11 costume changes for Carrie.

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