Thomas Rhett promises huge collaborations on a new album that's mostly done

Courtesy Valory Music CompanyWith Thomas Rhett fresh off his latest #1, “Star of the Show,” fans are waiting and watching for new music. Never fear, the ACM Male Vocalist of the Year nominee is on top of it — but he’s doing things a little differently in 2017.

“This is the first year that we tried to really compartmentalize our year, rather than trying to go make a record and go write songs and tour all at the same time,” TR says. “That just gets too stressful for everybody. So we went and recorded the entire record in January, rehearsed all of February, and now we’re just in tour season.”

With only one weekend of his Home Team trek already in the books, and more than a dozen sold-out shows already in the ledger, Thomas now has to figure out how to finish the album.

“The bulk of the record, it’s all been cut. It’s just now it requires me finding time to sing it and get it mixed and get it mastered and then try to whittle it down, because we cut way too many songs,” he reveals. “So I’m going to have to figure out which ones are gonna stay and which ones are gonna go.”

The man who’s also about to become a father of two promises he has some pretty big surprises up his sleeve.

“We have a couple of collaborations on this next project, but I would probably get killed if I told you who and what they were,” TR laughs. “But it’s gonna be really fun. We really stepped it up hugely from the last record…”

Thomas Rhett celebrated the #1 success of both “T-Shirt” and “Star of the Show” at a party Wednesday afternoon at Kung Fu Saloon just off Music Row in Nashville.  

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