Apr 05

Mitchell man sentenced on drug charges

A Mitchell man was sentenced to fifteen years in prison Tuesday on a pair of felony drug charges. Police arrested 27 year old Jordan Muntefering in August of 2016 after he sold MDMA, also known as Ecstacy to a confidential informant at his residence near Dry Run Creek.

A search of his home uncovered numerous illegal drugs including marijuana, cocaine and MDMA plus $33,000 cash. Lieutenant Don Everson called it one the largest drug arrests made in Mitchell. Police also arrested 23 year old Caitlin Minder who earlier pleaded guilty to drug charges and was sentenced in December to four years in the state women’s prison, but is eligible for parole in December.

Assistant Attorney General Doug Barnett called Muntefering, in his words, “a straight up drug dealer.”

Muntefering read a prepared statement apologizing for his actions and promising to work to become a model citizen.

Judge Tim Bjorkman scolded Muntefering for pushing illegal drugs on addicts for money and, in his words, “you put into play the very processes that are harming your children.”

He sentenced Muntefering to ten years in prison for distribution of MDMA and five years for possession of MDMA with intent to distribute in a drug-free zone. He’s eligible for parole in 2023. He’s also facing probation violation charges in Hutchinson County for unrelated crimes. Muntefering is the co-owner of the Hungry Dog restaurant in Mitchell.

J.P. Skelly