Hunter Hayes heads back to school to revitalize the music program on a Nashville campus

ABC/Image Group LAMulti-instrumentalist Hunter Hayes wants to make sure up-and-coming musicians have all the opportunities he had.

Wednesday, the Louisiana native will kick off a month-long effort to revitalize the music program at Nashville School of the Arts, with two performances for students, staff and their families.

“I believe every child should have a place in school that allows them to discover more about their passions and be creative,” Hunter says. “Thanks to the support of Samsung, CMA Foundation and numerous sponsors, we are able to help restore the Nashville School of the Arts guitar lab and give the students the necessary tools to practice and grow as musicians and artists.”

In addition to renovating the guitar lab, Hunter will also install a working recording studio on campus, and develop a masterclass series for others in the music industry to mentor students.

Hunter will enlist several NSA students to join him on Friday, October 6 as well, when he plays the Grand Ole Opry’s 92nd Birthday Bash.

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