Beaux is a no-go: Father-to-be Dylan Scott plays the name game with wife Blair

Curb RecordsDylan Scott could become a daddy most anytime now, as he and his wife Blair await the arrival of their first little one.

Even though his first #1, “My Girl,” was inspired by his high school sweetheart, who became his bride, the Louisiana native is, in fact, expecting a boy.

“We’ll have a baby at Christmas, which is going to be crazy…” Dylan tells ABC Radio. “We’ve got a name picked out, not a middle name. [We’re] still working on that.”

“I had the perfect name,” Dylan adds. “I wanted to name him Beaux. B-E-A-U-X. I just thought that’d be awesome.”

Blair, however, didn’t share Dylan’s enthusiasm.

“She said it was too country,” he laughs. “I was like, ‘Babe, do you realize where we’re from? Like, that’s the way we grew up. We’re country. This is how it is.’ But she won. There’s no battling her on a name, you know. So, she gets what she wants.” 

Dylan’s first holiday EP, Merry Christmas, is new this season. “Hooked,” his follow-up to “My Girl,” just broke into the top 40.

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