Step away from the computer: Kelsea Ballerini admits she’s “Unapologetically” an online shopper

ABC/Image Group LASince Kelsea Ballerini will be a newlywed this Christmas, you might think it’d be hard to squeeze in some holiday shopping amid all the festivities with new husband Morgan Evans. But the “Legends” hitmaker confesses for her, it’s not a problem.

“I love online shopping. Um, it’s also an issue for me,” she admits, “because it’s very easy to just get things that you don’t need — quickly.”

When it comes to the most memorable item Kelsea’s found under the tree over the years, the Knoxville, Tennessee native has a stand-out favorite.

“My mom got me my first nice guitar,” she recalls. “It was my first Christmas when I moved [to Nashville], so… I was 15. And I had a guitar, it was like a $300 Yamaha, and I still have it. But she got me a Taylor. It was my first really nice guitar that sounded really beautiful and had a plug-in so I could play it, you know, at Puckett’s [Grocery & Restaurant] and all the places that I was first starting to play. So that’s the most special, probably.”

As Christmas approaches, Kelsea’s lead single from Unapologetically also seems headed for country’s top ten. “Legends” is at #11 this week.

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