Oct 23

Cole Swindell’s latest #1 is personal…and he hopes they DON’T “Break Up in the End”

Warner Music NashvilleCole Swindell marks the eighth #1 of his career this week with “Break Up in the End.”  Even though it’s not a song he wrote, the Georgia native confesses that it’s very personal for him, and brings one specific relationship to mind.

“From when I was in college to now, I’ve dated people,” Cole reveals. “But, you know, there is one in particular — and who knows how it really will end? — Yeah, there’s one that I think of when I hear this song, and I don’t like saying names or being too specific, but I think they would feel the same when they heard it.”

Even though it’s called “Break Up in the End,” Cole admits he likes to think the couple in the song ultimately ends up together.

“You don’t know,” he points out. “It says ‘I’d do it over and over again and again.’ So maybe it’s never over. Maybe they work it out.”

“That’s the beauty of songs,” he adds. “You know, you leave ’em wondering, like, it does say you break up, but do they? Do they get back together? You don’t really know. It’s just the end of the song, not the end of the story. So that’s a cool thing of it.”  

This week, Cole’s Reason to Drink… Another tour stops in Missoula and Bozeman, Montana on Thursday and Friday, before playing Bismarck, North Dakota on Saturday.

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