Lee Brice is getting used to falling asleep on the job again

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

One of Lee Brice‘s favorite things to do is perform in front of his fans, night after night. But after more than a year off of the road, Lee admits it has been a bit of a challenge to remember how to put on a live show.

“I had to kind of learn how to sleep on a moving loud bus again, which, it’s different cause you got used to sleeping in the still bed,” Lee tells The Country Daily.

“Another thing is that even when I get on, I’m about to go on stage I’m thinking ‘Okay I got all these songs that I’ve sang a million times and I’m like wait a minute…what’s the second verse?’ he adds. “You’re almost afraid you’re going to get up there and maybe forget lyrics to something that you’ve sang a million times.”

Lee is currently celebrating a top-five single with “Memory I Don’t Mess With.” The song is from his 2020 Hey World album.

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