Luke Bryan’s Las Vegas residency will focus on “just the music”

Connie Chronuk/ABC

Luke Bryan‘s upcoming Las Vegas residency originally had a very different name when he began conceptualizing the show.

Luke reminisced with fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry, who is filling in as host on The Ellen DeGeneres Showabout brainstorming ideas for their upcoming residences at the Theatre at Resorts World in Las Vegas. While the pop superstar is opting for all the glitz and glam in her show, the country star’s approach is a bit more understated.

“I don’t know if we have lions, tigers and bears coming out,” Luke says.”Just music, that’s all you need right?” Katy remarks.

“Just music,” Luke affirms.

Luke also recalls talking to Katy a year ago talking about the concepts for their individual shows, but Luke admittedly wasn’t as far then into the planning process.

“You were like ‘what would encapsulate mine? I guess I could call it ‘Try Not to Puke with Luke,'” Katy reminisces, drawing a hearty laugh out of Luke.

“The beauty of it is most people probably won’t even remember our shows, they’ll have to buy another ticket,” the country hitmaker jokes. “Repeat customers. It’s the best policy.”

Luke’s residency takes over the Theatre at Resorts World for nine shows in February 2022. He and Katy are in the midst of production on American Idol season 20, airing on ABC in 2022.

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