Oh, the horror: Things get scary tonight for Jimmie Allen on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

ABC/Eric McCandless

Heading into Halloween weekend, it’s “Horror Night” this evening on Dancing with the Stars.

Jimmie Allen, however, is still laughing about being mistaken for an NFL player back when he had to wear a face shield to conceal his identity, prior to the cast reveal.

“Oh, yeah, it’s pretty funny. I loved it,” he tells ABC Audio. “They could not figure it out. First, they thought I was Matt James from The Bachelor. And I was like, ‘Matt James is six-five!'”

“And then they thought I was a football player for the longest, because I guess people weren’t thinking country music, you know what I mean? They see a black guy, looks like he got one or two muscles, they’re like ‘Oh he’s got to be a football player,'” he laughs.

Meanwhile, Jimmie remains a die-hard aficionado of all things Disney, so he’s thrilled to be part of the Disney family, since ABC’s owned by The Walt Disney Company. It’s something he shares with his  seven-year-old son Aadyn.

“Listen, anything that gets him in Disney World,” Jimmie smiles, “and he loves JoJo Siwa, so I had to take a couple of selfies with her for him.”  

Tonight, tune in at 8 p.m. ET to see Jimmie and his partner Emma Slater dancing Contemporary to “Say Something” by Daniel Jang, inspired by the movie, A Quiet Place.

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