“The Little Things”: Kelsea Ballerini’s bubbly new song sings the praises of “simple love”


Forget swoon-worthy tales of romance, white horses and steamy love scenes: Kelsea Ballerini’s latest song is all about the little moments that make a relationship great.

“It’s when we’re in a crowded room, put your hand on my back / And waiting on me in the morning with my coffee black,” Kelsea sings in the chorus of her song. “Back to the basics, ‘cause they’re bigger than they seem / Give me that typical, simple love, it’s the little things.”

“The Little Things” is the latest song to come off of Kelsea’s forthcoming new project, Subject to Change, which comes out in full on September 23. Fans have already heard a couple of other new songs off the album, including “Love is a Cowboy” and the lead single, “Heartfirst.”

“Let’s not go big, let’s just go home,” Kelsea wrote on social media when she shared her new song. “My little ‘90s inspired windows down giddy song ‘The Little Things’ is out now.”

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