See the two sides of Terry Crews in Tyler Hubbard’s new music video


NFL player-turned-actor Terry Crews walks into Everybody’s Bar in Tyler Hubbard‘s new video for “Dancin’ in the Country.” 

The muscle-bound Crews crushes a beer bottle with one hand at the start of what appears to be a fight with a much smaller guy and his friends. Instead, the confrontation turns into an epic dance-off.

“Couldn’t have had more fun with Terry Crews making the video for ‘Dancin’ In The Country,’” Tyler shared on Facebook. “Hope it makes you smile and wanna get ur dance on.”

There’s even a little vogueing at the end. Be sure to stick around for the final postscript between Tyler and Crews.

“Dancin’ in the Country” is the follow-up to Tyler’s first solo #1, “5 Foot 9,” and the latest single from his self-titled debut, which comes out January 27 and features the track “Everybody Needs a Bar.”

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