The intoxicating appeal of Jason Aldean’s “That’s What Tequila Does”

Broken Bow

Jason Aldean‘s latest top ten hit continues his longstanding tradition of recording songs written by members of his band, particularly Tully Kennedy and Kurt Allison.

And when it comes to “That’s What Tequila Does,” the boss was instantly intoxicated.

“I was like, ‘Man, there’s something really cool about that,'” Jason recalls. “And I think that was one that they specifically went in really kinda trying to write for our album. And I can kinda hear those things like when they play me the song.”

“So I loved it, I thought it was great, really well-written,” he continues. “And we wanted to go back and pull something out [of] the first part of the album. And to me, that was just a cool thing to follow up ‘Trouble With Heartbreak’ and [it] comes off great live.”

“That’s What Tequila Does” is from the Macon half of Jason’s double album, which came out in November of 2021, while his most recent #1, “Trouble with a Heartbreak,” is from Georgia, which arrived in April of last year.

Tully and Kurt had a hand in writing both songs, as well as John Morgan, who’s signed to Jason’s label and opened for him last year. Songwriters John Edwards and Brett Beavers also contributed to “Tequila” and “Trouble,” respectively. 

With “Tequila” likely to continue Jason’s streak of number ones, what will the ACM Artist of the Decade order to celebrate?  

“My go-to tequila is probably Casamigos, and my go-to tequila drink is tequila — just that’s it. Just a shot!” he laughs. “Shot and chase it with a beer, you know,” he adds.

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