John Osborne’s loving being a dad: “It’s every emotion rolled into one”

ABC/Connie Chornuk

John Osborne and his wife, Lucie Silvas, welcomed their twins, Arthur and Maybelle, in March. Since then, the singer says he’s felt all kinds of emotions as a first-time dad.

“As many times as people try to explain to you what it’s like, there aren’t words to describe it. I mean, it’s every emotion rolled into one. It’s excitement, anxiety, nerves,” John told ABC Audio recently. “I’ve never been so confident and unconfident at the same time, but it’s wild.”

John says he’s completely in love with all the little moments he shares with his 2-month-old babies.

“You know, they’re at an age now where it’s all you want is for their eyes, which kind of go all over the room, just to connect to yours for a split second,” says the Brothers Osborne member. “If you can get just a tiny smile out of them. It literally is like a drug. It just fills you with all of the emotions and it’s amazing,” John adds, before praising Lucie for being “an amazing mom” and “absolutely crushing it.” 

Brothers Osborne’s latest set of music is their Nobody’s Nobody Sampler. The title track, which serves as their new single, is approaching the top 40 on the country charts.

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