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Good News! – Friday, May 20, 2022
TX Restaurant Owner Gives Away Free Baby Formula

A Texas restaurant owner is giving away free baby formula to families in need. With a shortage of infant formula causing families across the country to scramble to find options, one restaurant owner in Texas is helping his community by giving out cans free of charge. Benji Arslanovski, owner of Our Place Restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, started handing out free formula to local parents last week.

Arslanovski used to work for US Foods and now gets supplies for his restaurants from the distributor. He noticed that US Foods had baby formula in stock, and knowing that it was desperately needed, he decided to pick some up. He bought six cases to start and by the weekend, he’d given it all away.

Through his restaurants in Mansfield and Burleson, Arslanovski has distributed more than 50 cases of formula to families in need. He says the effort feels like payback for a community that’s been so good to him. “The community has been great to me during COVID. Business would stop by, they would tip servers, even though we weren’t open for dining,” he says. “Every day was a blessing. So this is my way of returning the favor.”

Good News! – Thursday, May 19, 2022
Young Yankees Fan Loses Autograph Collection, Strangers Help Rebuild

When an 11-year-old Yankees fan lost his binder full of autographed cards, sympathetic collectors from across the country helped him rebuild his collection. Elyjah Blankenberg was so excited to go to the Yankees-Orioles spring game in March where he planned to have some of his baseball cards autographed by his favorite players, including Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu.

At the urging of his parents, Elyjah overcame his shyness to get LeMahieu’s autograph, but as they left the stadium, he noticed he’d somehow dropped his binder full of cards. They scoured the stadium and parking lot, but couldn’t find Elyjah’s collection, so when they got home, his mom, Colleen Spencer, posted a plea on social media hoping someone might have picked it up. No one found the binder, but the story did catch the eye of local news, and after the story aired, people from across the country sent Elyjah cherished items from their personal collections to help him rebuild his.

Over the next few weeks, he received hundreds of packages with collectibles from collectors who’d found out about his lost binder. He got autographed cards, baseballs, magazines, and more, each one with a letter saying how much the item meant to the giver and how pleased they were to be passing along the special item. And Elyjah sent a thank you note to each and every one of the senders. To Elyjah though, two of the items stood out most: one was a ball autographed by the entire 1968 Yankees team that came from a man who’d been viciously attacked by a shark as a boy in 1968 and received the ball while recovering, and the other was a DJ LeMahieu card and a signed ball, that reads “To Elyjah, DJ LeMahieu #26.”

Good News! – Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Memphis KFC Worker Saves Kidnapped Woman Who Left Note

A Memphis KFC worker alerts police when a woman leaves a note saying she’s been kidnapped and needs help, leading to her rescue. On Sunday, police received a call about an alleged kidnapping in southeast Memphis from a KFC employee who told them that a woman had left a note begging for help. The unnamed employee was able to give the police a description of the woman and the man she was with.

With the information the KFC worker provided, police were able to locate the woman and after a brief chase, they arrested Diego Glay on charges of kidnapping and evading arrest.

The woman told police that she had been in a relationship with Glay and that he’d been holding her against her will. She said when she tried to leave, he took her cell phone, that he had physically abused her, and that he had a firearm. Glay is currently being held in jail on a $35-thousand bond.

Good News! – Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Server & Single Mom Surprised With $810 Tip

A server at a Rhode Island pub is blessed with an $810 tip. Jennifer Venancio is a single mother of a three-year-old who works as a server at The Big Cheese and Pub in Cranston, Rhode Island. One day last week, her day started off badly when she had trouble finding a sitter for her son and arrived late to work, but things got much better from there.

“My first table was a super nice gentleman with his wife,” Venancio says. The couple ordered two salads and two sandwiches, which came to about $50. They ate and then paid the bill and left. As the couple left, the man looked over his shoulder and told Venancio, “Goodbye, have a nice day.” When she picked up the check from the table, she was shocked to learn the kind diners had left her an $810 tip.

Venancio says she plans to use the money to pay some bills and get a toy police car for her son. She didn’t get the couple’s name, but if she could say anything to them it would be “Thank you, the money is very much appreciated.”

Good News! – Monday, May 16, 2022
WWII Nurse Celebrates 100th Bday With Skydive

A former World War II nurse decides to celebrate her 100th birthday by trying skydiving for the first time. Ramonde Sullivan has done a lot in her 100 years. For one, she served as a frontline nurse during WWII. She then went on to mother four children before immigrating to America. So, when her 100th birthday rolled around, the English-born centenarian decided she wanted to check one more thing off her bucket-list: skydiving.

Just before celebrating her birthday recently, Sullivan went to Skydive Sebastian near her home on the east coast of Florida. She performed a tandem dive attached to a professional skydiving instructor from over 10-thousand feet high and reached speeds of more than 100 miles an hour.

Safely back on the ground, the adventurous great-grandmother described the jump as “scary.” When asked if she plans to do it again, she didn’t hesitate to say “no.” After her adventure, Sullivan attended a birthday celebration with friends and family.