May 16

Re-call petition drive falls short

The man who led a petition drive to recall Mayor Jerry Toomey says it’s fallen short. Brad Bowling told KORN News Radio the drive collected just under 1,000 signatures which he says was about a third-short of the number needed to force a recall election.

At the February 6th city council meeting Bowling accused Mayor Jerry Toomey of bullying him over a year earlier and being drunk following an incident in front of Bowling’s home. Toomey claimed that Bowling ran red lights on Mitchell’s Main Street and followed him to his residence where the two exchanged words.

The accusations resulted in a heated argument during the meeting where Bowling said he would work to re-call Toomey.

Bowling says even though the effort fell short, he felt it was worth it and, in his words, “wasn’t all bad.”

Even though Bowling is unhappy with Toomey, he praised the city council for its work.

J.P. Skelly