Jun 04

Mitchell Police investigate home made fireworks

A failed attempt at assembling what authorities called a “home made” fireworks device shut down the intersection of First and Main for just under an hour Sunday afternoon.

Police Sergeant Joel Reinesch says an individual had taken a number of fireworks, combined them together and then disposed of them in a trash can outside an apartment building on the west side of Main Street. “We did speak with the Division of Criminal Investigation and they spoke with their bomb tech agents, “ said Reinesch. “They told us how to neutralize it, which were essentially filling up the garbage container with water.”

The contents were eventually moved to a safe location.

Reinesch says Police closed off the intersection as a precaution even though the risk of explosion was extremely low.

He says Police know the person responsible and criminal charges are possible depending on what the investigation uncovers.

J.P. Skelly