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April 27, 2020-May 8, 2020

At Nedved Media, we are a locally owned business. That’s why we’ve teamed up with The Mitchell Chamber to support our local business economy.

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Sep 18

“God ain’t done with me yet”: Blanco Brown shares photo of his life-saving helmet after head-on crash

ABC/Image Group LA“The Git Up” star Blanco Brown is on the mend after a serious head-on motorcycle collision in early September left him hospitalized and fighting for his life. The singer underwent a 12-hour surgery to address the unspecified traumas he sustained.

Fortunately, Blanco is expected to make a full recovery. As he continues to heal, the singer touched base with his fans on social media for the first time since the crash. He posted a picture of the helmet that he was wearing, and also praised the rest of his Indian Motorcycle safety gear for “[showing] true to its quality.”

“Firstly, I have to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for sparing my life and keeping me whole!!!” Blanco wrote. “The fact that I’m here and still in my right mind is God’s proof — I feel so blessed!”

He went on to thank his fans, friends, family and everyone else who wished him well after the accident.

“I fought for my life,” the singer noted. “I fought to see all y’all’s faces and those smiles again, and I fought to share my purpose.”

In the picture he shared, Blanco’s arms are still in casts. However, he seemed to be in high spirits, and excited to return to normal life and music-making.

“God ain’t done with me yet, we’re just getting started!” he promised.

By Carena Liptak
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Sep 18

‘We Need Christmas’: Maddie & Tae are getting festive with a six-song holiday collection

Mercury NashvilleMaddie & Tae get into the holiday spirit with their new mix of festive classics and seasonal originals, We Need Christmas. The duo say they hope their new batch of tunes will bring some fun and excitement at the end of what has been a challenging year for many.

“We are so proud of this project and loved recreating some of our favorite Christmas classics as well as [writing] some of our own,” explain Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr.

“Making We Need Christmas was such a bright spot for us this year,” they add,  “and we hope this project brings a little joy and peace to our fans during this difficult year.”

We Need Christmas includes two original tunes: The title track and “Merry Married Christmas.” The two bandmates each had a hand in writing both those tracks, and appropriately enough, Taylor’s husband Josh Kerr contributed his notable songwriting talents to “Merry Married Christmas.”

The project is due out on October 23. It’s available for preorder on the duo’s website, along with a special limited edition line of holiday-themed merchandise. You can pick up bundles including a custom candle, Christmas tree ornament, pajama sleep set and more.

Here’s the track list for We Need Christmas:

“This Christmas”
“Holly Jolly Christmas”
“O Come All Ye Faithful”
“Merry Married Christmas”
“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
“We Need Christmas”

By Carena Liptak
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Sep 18

“When the Party’s Over”: Brett Eldredge’s Billie Eilish cover is unexpected and haunting

Warner Music NashvilleCountry crooner Brett Eldredge knows that a song by Billie Eilish is far from the first thing fans expect him to cover, but he’s a big fan of the pop phenomenon’s catalogue. That’s why he was inspired to deliver his own live take on “When the Party’s Over,” which is out today.

Brett had dropped “When the Party’s Over” into his set during his most recent European tour. The released version was recorded during his show in Glasgow, Scotland, which was actually the first time he and his band performed it.

“I heard this song a year or two ago and I just love how unique of an artist she is and the complex nature of the songs she writes,” Brett gushes. “I love how emotional and intense they are and could tell she had to grow up fast and really puts her life out there in her music.”

As someone who took a break from technology and shut out the outside world while he made his most recent album Sunday Drive, Brett knows first-hand how difficult it can be for songwriters to figure out what they want to say. That’s another reason why he’s so impressed by 18-year-old Billie.

“I think it’s a powerful thing to be that young and to have found your voice, and it speaks to people of all ages,” he points out.

“For whatever reason, when people hear my cover of this song, I think they’d say to themselves, ‘I didn’t see that coming at all,’” but that’s exactly what I wanted because when I heard it I thought, ‘Man, I could do something special with this,’” Brett adds.

“I’m so grateful for the song that she’s written and grateful to be able to sing it.”

By Carena Liptak
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Sep 18

Jennifer Nettles reunites with Bon Jovi for “Do What You Can,” a song for the COVID-19 era

BMLG RecordsJennifer Nettles lends her soaring harmonies to “Do What You Can,” a song written and previously released by Bon Jovi in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When you can’t do what you do, you do what you can / This ain’t my prayer, it’s just a thought I’m wanting to send,” the two artists sing in the uplifting chorus.

“‘Round here we bend but don’t break/Down here we all understand/When you can’t do what you do, you do what you can.”

The music video for the new song is even more suited to the times, with scenes of an eerily empty New York City. Jennifer and Jon Bon Jovi wear masks as they wander the streets, surveying the impact COVID-19 has had as well as the resilience of essential workers who keep the gears of the city turning.

“Dedicated to the everyday heroes fighting to rise above this pandemic,” a note at the end of the clip explains.

Jennifer and Bon Jovi first announced their new collaboration earlier this week on social media, explaining that they were excited to try and recapture some of the magic dust from their duet 15 years ago: the Grammy-winning “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”

The original version of “Do What You Can” will appear on Bon Jovi’s new album 2020, which is due October 2.

By Carena Liptak
Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

Sep 18

Old Dominion makes the case for love and mutual support with Amazon Original “Lean on Me” cover

Courtesy of Amazon MusicOld Dominion puts a fresh spin on a classic today with the release of their “Lean on Me,” an Amazon Original cover of Bill Withers’ timeless friendship anthem from 1972.

Though the feel-good message of finding mutual support and understanding in your community never loses relevance, it’s a particularly poignant message in 2020, amid worldwide division, a global pandemic, a rejuvenated Civil Rights movement and more.

“We chose ‘Lean on Me’ because it’s a song that’s really timely right now,” explains bandmate Brad Tursi. “Everyone’s just a little on edge and we need to lean on each other in these times.”

The band stays true to the feel-good vibes of the original song, while also adding their own personal touches to their version of “Lean on Me.”

“We switched it up and made the chords just a little bit more angsty and put our own spin on it, so we hope you all like it,” Brad adds.

It’s also a sweet tribute to the late Withers, who died on March 30, 2020 at the age of 81.

Old Dominion’s version of “Lean on Me” is available exclusively on Amazon Music. It comes out just a couple of days after the 2020 ACM Awards, where the band brought home two trophies: Group of the Year and Song of the Year for “One Man Band.”

By Carena Liptak
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Sep 18

Luke Combs drops the curtain on new track titles, shares “Without You” with featured guest Amanda Shires

River House Artists/Columbia NashvilleHot on the heels of his ACM Album of the Year win for What You See Is What You Get, Luke Combs is readying a deluxe version of that project, and it will include five new songs.

On Friday, the singer was ready to shed some light on the new material included on his deluxe album, which is called What You See Ain’t Always What You Get. He offered up the list of new tracks in an Instagram post, and even dropped one in full to tide fans over until the rest are released.

That song is “Without You,” which features Highwoman and member of Jason Isbell’s 400 Unit Amanda Shires on fiddle. Though the Americana-leaning singer-songwriter might seem like an unusual choice of partner for a mainstream country artist, it’s not a huge surprise that Luke teamed up with Amanda: The pair previously performed “Beautiful Crazy” at the 2019 ACM Awards.

The song is a tender ode to Luke’s support system, paying tribute to the people in his life behind the scenes who make sacrifices so that he can pursue his musical dreams.

As for the rest of the new material? Fans will have to wait just a little bit longer to hear what Luke’s got in store. What You See Ain’t Always What You Get will be available on October 23.

In the meantime, here’s the list of new songs included on Luke’s deluxe album:

“Cold as You”
“The Other Guy”
“My Kinda Folk”
“Without You” (feat. Amanda Shires)
“Forever After All”

By Carena Liptak
Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

Sep 18

Rascal Flatts look back at two decades of musical memories with brand new greatest hits album

Big Machine RecordsRascal Flatts are continuing to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band with the announcement of a new best-of album: Twenty Years of Rascal Flatts The Greatest Hits.

The 20-song collection, which includes 13 of their 17 number-one hits, will take fans on a journey through the superstar trio’s career. Fan-favorite tunes like “Bless the Broken Road,” “My Wish” and “What Hurts the Most”  all appear on the project, and the bandmates say that selecting the track list was a sweet walk down memory lane.

“When we were putting together the track listing for this, it was an emotional but nostalgic feeling, getting a chance to look back during this anniversary year,” singer Gary LeVox reflects. “We hope that our fans feel the same way when they listen to it. This release and this year as a band is all a huge thank-you and celebration for them.”

At the start of 2020, Rascal Flatts announced plans to break up at the end of their milestone anniversary year. In the meantime, they made plans for a big year of surprises and live shows. However, the pandemic has rearranged that timeline a bit, and the band’s 2020 tour schedule has been scrapped.

That didn’t stop the group from releasing new music, though: In addition to this new greatest hits project, they also dropped their How They Remember You EP earlier in the year.

Twenty Years of Rascal Flatts The Greatest Hits will be out on October 2, but you can preorder it now. Here’s the track list: 

“I’m Movin’ On”
“These Days”
“Bless the Broken Road”
“Fast Cars and Freedom”
“What Hurts the Most”
“Life is a Highway”
“My Wish”
“Take Me There”
“Here Comes Goodbye”
“Why Wait”
“I Won’t Let Go”
“Easy” (featuring Natasha Bedingfield)
“Come Wake Me Up”
“I Like the Sound of That”
“Yours if You Want It”

By Carena Liptak
Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

Sep 18

Keith Urban’s feeling just like the rest of us: ‘The Speed of Now’ is “sort of in between”

Capitol NashvilleKeith Urban‘s The Speed of Now Part 1 arrives today, shaped — at least partially — by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I had a record that I could have put out prior to February, March of this year,” the Australian superstar tells ABC Audio. “But I had this feeling that there was just a few songs missing.”

“And the ones that came from just the stay-at-home orders and lockdown and everything just grinding to a halt,” he continues, “the songs that came from that turned out to be the ones I was missing… ‘Out the Cage,’ ‘Say Something,’… ‘Live With,’ all of those songs came from that period.”

While Keith typically prefers to simply follow the muse when making records, this time, he had more of an intention in mind.

“I think my vision was clearer…” he explains, “on what kind of spirit I wanted to manifest — or let manifest, probably.”

“You know, people talk about pushing boundaries, and I think I never think about pushing boundaries,” he reveals. “I think about making sure no one stops — no part of me stops — the thing from naturally flowing… I think about making sure there’s no fences or borders in the way.”

With his tenth album finished, Keith confesses he’s still grappling with the realities of 2020.

“I guess we’re feeling a lot of things,” he reflects. “If anybody’s like me, it fluctuates from moment to moment. I’m walking around, getting on with my life, and then I go, ‘What the hell happened?… Where did everything go?’ You know?”

”’… I feel… just surreal feelings every now and then,” he says, “of this sort of parallel universe: the one we used to be in, the one we’re kind of in, the one that isn’t quite here yet. So we’re sort of in between.” 

By Stephen Hubbard
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Sep 17

#MickeyMakesHistory with breathtaking performance of “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?”

Brent Harrington/CBSMickey Guyton made history at the 55th ACM Awards Wednesday night.

The 37-year-old performed “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” with Keith Urban on piano, making her the first Black female country artist to play her own song at a major awards show.

Many were taken by the emotional lyrics and the message of the song.

“She thinks life is fair and / God hears every prayer / And everyone gets their ever after,” Mickey sings. “She thinks love is love and if / You work hard, that’s enough / Skin’s just skin and it doesn’t matter / And that her friend’s older brother’s gonna keep his hands to himself / And that somebody’s gon’ believe her when she tells.”

“But what are you gonna tell her / When she’s wrong,” the lyrics continue. “Will you just shrug and say it’s been that way all along / What are you gonna tell her / When she figures out / That all this time you built her up just so the world could let her down.”

Following the performance, Mickey was praised on social media by viewers and fellow country artists.

Kelsea Ballerini wrote, “Wow. @MickeyGuyton that is a performance that will make people listen, think, and change. Me included. You are a force.”

Trisha Yearwood described the performance as “beautiful.” Tenille Townes said Mickey’s debut was “incredible.” Many attached the hashtag “#MickeyMakesHistory” to their comments praising the singer.

“What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” is just one of the tracks from Mickey’s recently released Bridges EP.

By Hayley FitzPatrick and Stephen Hubbard
Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

Sep 17

Maren Morris sends message to mommy-shamers: “I just feel like we all need to give each other some grace”

Brent Harrington/CBSAfter taking home an ACM trophy for Female Artist of the Year and performing on the award show just months after welcoming her first child, Hayes, Maren Morris is quickly learning how to balance being an artist and being a mom.

But she admits that even though she’s got thick skin when it comes to Internet trolls who hate her music, it’s harder to handle when someone shames her for her parenting style. For example, Maren was criticized earlier this year when she posted a picture of herself holding Hayes on her lap on an inflatable float in a lake without putting a life jacket on him.

“For some reason it’s an extra betrayal when it’s another mother shaming another mother,” Maren said in a virtual press room on Wednesday night.

“I just feel like we all need to give each other some grace,” she continued, pointing out the fact that becoming a mom has shaped her own perspective on how she treats others.

“I would never [shame another mother], and I’ve learned to be less judgmental all around just by being a mom, because it’s extremely humbling,” she added.

“And yeah, I just think let’s all love each other and give each other good advice. Even if it’s unsolicited, at least it’s good advice.”

Maren ended her thoughts by calling on all moms to be kind, and think before commenting on other people’s decisions.

“I would just say let’s do better,” she mused. “And not put someone down that’s obviously trying their best.” 

Maren performed her new single, “To Hell & Back,” from the Ryman stage during the ACM Awards.

By Carena Liptak and Andrea Dresdale
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