Aug 16

The Dixie Chicks return next Friday on Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album

Valheria RochaThere’s new music from the Dixie Chicks on the way — all thanks to Taylor Swift.

Taylor foreshadowed her collaboration with the trio earlier this year in her “Me!” video: If you look closely, you’ll see a picture of the Chicks hanging on the wall behind Taylor’s duet partner, Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, starting :36 into the video.

The Easter egg started rumors Taylor was cooking something up with Natalie MainesEmily Strayer, and Martie Maguire.

On Friday, Taylor confirmed it, releasing the track listing for her new album, Lover, which comes out August 23. The Dixie Chicks appear on cut twelve, on a song titled “Soon You’ll Get Better.”

Back in June, Natalie Maines hinted even more may be coming from the controversial Grammy winners, sharing a short video on Instagram where the trio simply said, “Dixie Chicks album coming — someday,” adding the hashtag #dcx2019.

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Aug 16

Kenny Chesney invites you to celebrate National Rum Day in Blue Chair Bay

Blue Chair/Warner Music Nashville It’s National Rum Day — and it’s Friday — so Kenny Chesney’s hoping you’ll have some of his Blue Chair Bay brand on the “Tip of [Your] Tongue.”

Kenny’s Premium Rum comes in flavors like Spiced, White, Coconut, Banana, Vanilla, Coconut Spiced, Key Lime Cream, Banana Rum Cream, Pineapple Rum Cream, and Coconut Spiced Rum Cream.

You can check out his recipes for drinks like the Island Girl, Mojito, My My My Key Lime Pie, Riptide, and Spiced Mule online.

Kenny’s also in favor of you checking out his latest single, “Tip of My Tongue,” which was co-written with pop superstar Ed Sheeran. It’s already a top twenty hit.  

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Aug 16

Morgan Wallen’s hitchhiking with Diplo in new “Heartless” collaboration

Sony Music EntertainmentMorgan Wallen’s already shared a number one with Florida Georgia Line and written a chart-topping hit for Jason Aldean, but now he has a new non-country collaborator: electronic producer/DJ Diplo.

Morgan’s featured on the second country song from the pop hitmaker, who’s releasing the tracks under his given name, Thomas Wesley. Back in April, he put out “So Long,” with vocals by Cam.

His collaboration with Morgan is titled “Heartless.”

“Couple a boys from the south makin music we love,” Morgan tweeted, referencing the fact that Diplo grew up in Florida, while he’s from East Tennessee.

“Why you gotta be so heartless/I know you think it’s harmless,” Morgan sings on the tune about love gone wrong.

“You’re tearin’ me apart and/Girl the hardest part is/You’re so high on attention/Taking miles from inches,” he continues, “Leave me in the darkness/Never finish what we started/Girl why you gotta be so heartless.”

Morgan and Diplo both star in a new lyric video for the song, which alternates between shots of the two hitchhiking while holding a cardboard sign. Morgan’s on a tree-lined country path, while Diplo’s in a more arid climate with cacti lining the road.

“Heartless” is available to stream or download now, or you can check out the lyric video on YouTube.

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Aug 16

Brooks & Dunn play “Cowboys & Indians” with Kane Brown and Jon Pardi

Cowboys & Indians/Robby Klein Soon-to-be Country Music Hall of Famers Brooks & Dunn are on the cover of the October issue of the western lifestyle magazine Cowboys & Indians.

They’re flanked by Kane Brown and Jon Pardi on each side, who both collaborated with them on the new REBOOT remakes of their hits. Kix and Ronnie will officially be inducted into the Hall of Fame during the annual Medallion Ceremony this October.

The “Country Music: Celebrating an Art Form” issue also features an interview with Tanya Tucker, whose While I’m Livin’ album comes out August 23. It also previews Ken Burns’ new sixteen-hour Country Music documentary, which premieres September 15 on PBS. 
You’ll be able to pick up the new copy of Cowboys & Indians on September 3.

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Aug 16

Old Dominion pours some drinks for the road crew in new “My Heart Is a Bar” video

RCA NashvilleOld Dominion not only delivered a new preview track from their next album on Friday as promised, they also made a video for it.

In the “My Heart Is a Bar” clip, the five-man band turns one of their trailers into a watering hole to have some fun with their crew while on the road.

But with lyrics like “My heart is a bar and I’m closing it down,” the song’s not nearly as happy as the video.

“‘My Heart Is A Bar’ might be the loneliest sing-along of all time,” lead singer Matthew Ramsey admits. “It’s a song about feeling alone, and used, and pissed off at love to the point of throwing up your hands and saying, ‘Screw this!’”

“That’s a feeling a lot of people can identify with,” he adds. “It’s lonely and liberating at the same time. That’s why we decided to treat this like a big, barroom sing-along so we can all sing and say ‘Screw this!’ together!”

The third album from the CMA and ACM Vocal Group of the Year is set to arrive October 25. For the first time, they co-produced it themselves, alongside longtime collaborator Shane McAnally. It features their current hit, “One Man Band,” along with their previous number one, “Make It Sweet.”

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Aug 16

Blake Shelton’s ready to raise “Hell Right” with new single

Warner Music NashvilleAfter a week of anticipation leading up to Blake Shelton’s new single, the mystery is solved: “Hell Right” is a rap-influenced party song that features Trace Adkins and namechecks both “Old Town Road” and Hank Williams Jr.

“This song is about taking things to the max,” Blake explains. “You can raise hell or you can raise hell right. It’s about cutting loose and having fun the right way.”

“I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles these days,” he continues, “but when I hear songs like this on the radio, I am immediately thinking about being back home and what I’d be doing if I was there.”

The star of The Voice says his new single also has something in common with his most-recent, multi-week number one.

“The first time I heard ‘God’s Country,’ I was on my ranch in Oklahoma,” Blake recalls. “As a guy who actually lives this lifestyle, ‘Hell Right’ hits me in the soul now just as much as ‘God’s Country’ did then.”

“Hell Right” is available to stream or download now.

On Saturday night, Blake plays Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts with George Strait.

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Aug 16

Dylan Scott pays tribute to Keith Whitley, and relives ‘An Old Memory’ of riding around in his dad’s truck


Dylan Scott‘s seven-song tribute to Keith Whitley, titled An Old Memory, is new today.

While the legend is almost universally revered for his vocals and his songwriting, Whitley died more than a year before the “Nothing to Do Town” hitmaker was born.

So for Dylan, his first exposure to Whitley is literally An Old Memory, one he shares with his father, who was also a touring musician. 

“It was with my dad,” Dylan says of hearing Keith for the first time. “My dad had a single-cab Toyota pickup truck that had a tape player. And we’re from Louisiana, so we would ride back roads, and we’d roll the windows down and my dad would just play that tape over and over again.”

“It was ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes,’ and ‘When You Say Nothing at All,’ and ‘Ten Feet Away.’ That’s my first memories, just riding around with my dad listening to Keith Whitley.”

Dylan covers all of those songs on his tribute. He says Whitley’s appeal to him evolved over time.

“In the beginning, when I was a small kid, it was the tone of his voice,” he remembers. “That’s what got me first, and then the older I got, it was his melodies. And then when I started writing and understanding, it was his lyrics.

“You know, it was just the whole package,” Dylan continues. “But in the beginning, it was just his voice and the tone of it, and just how smooth his voice was. Even as a kid, I could tell he was such a great singer, so that’s what did it for me.”

Dylan Scott’s An Old Memory is available to stream or download now. It also includes a duet with Keith’s widow, Lorrie Morgan.

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Aug 16

Blake got so excited to go on Strait’s bus, he “drank his face off” — and may do it again this weekend

Warner Music NashvilleIf you want to see Blake Shelton turn into a fangirl, just ask him about George Strait.

The Oklahoma native was super-excited to get the call to play several stadium shows with his hero, like the one he’ll do Saturday night at Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Patriots.

“I had opened for George in 2007… or 2008,” Blake recalls. “And it was one of the greatest things I ever did… just being a country music fan, and being able to stand on the side of the stage every night, watch him, and get a chance to visit with him a few times, you know.”

“Not as many times as I wish I could have,” he adds, “but that’s George Strait. It’s like, ‘Where’d he go? How’d he get here?’ He’s sneaky!”

Blake actually gets a little speechless when he starts talking about the Country Music Hall of Famer.

“There’s really nothing to say. You just say, ‘George Strait,’ and that’s it,” he explains. “To be able to now flash forward many, many years to get that call… I don’t know if it was George himself — I like to tell myself it was — that asked for me. But I’m just happy to be doing it.”

Back in June, Blake played Ohio Stadium with King George.

“Just like I hoped, I got that invitation to go up on the bus and hang out with him,” he says. “And I literally don’t remember leaving his bus, and it wasn’t very long…I was so excited, I was just drinking my face off. Let’s be honest.”

“I was super pumped about it, and hopefully I can get the chance to do that again,” he adds.

Blake’s new single, “Hell Right,” comes out today, ahead of his Saturday performance with George.

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Aug 15

Watch Maren Morris explore Hawaii’s Road to Hana in “The Bones” music video

Columbia NashvilleYou can vicariously experience one of Hawaii’s most popular tourist attractions in Maren Morris’s new music video for “The Bones.”

Filmed during her vacation to Maui at the end of June, the clip follows Maren and her husband, singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd, as they explore the Hana Highway, a more than fifty-mile stretch of road through a lush, tropical rainforest.

“The Road to Hana is beautiful but a hell of a trek,” Maren shared on her socials. “Kind of like the most meaningful & lasting human relationships we get to have.”

“This is our journey on film for ‘The Bones’ directed by our friend and Maui aficionado Alex M. Ferrari,” she added.

The tender ballad about a strong relationship is the follow-up to the title track of Maren’s sophomore album, the #1 country hit, “Girl.”

While “The Bones” is just beginning its climb on the country chart, it’s already a top twenty hit on Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs ranking.

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Aug 15

Old Dominion decodes their album cover by releasing the track listing for “OD3”

ABC/Image Group LA A day after Old Dominion unveiled the cover of their new record — the first to feature the five-man band in its artwork — the CMA and ACM Vocal Group of the Year is revealing its track listing.

The dozen-song album starts with the uptempo number one, “Make It Sweet,” and closes with the plaintive “Some People Do.”

Along the way, some of the titles also seem to explain the imagery on the album cover, which shows the band sitting on a sofa in a living room.

Hanging above their heads is a painting of a boat, perhaps a nod to “Smooth Sailing,” while the U.S. flag atop a wooden chest ties in with “American Style.” The room’s blue/green carpet may be a tip of the hat to “Paint the Grass Green.”

You can download the new track “My Heart Is a Bar” tonight at midnight.

Here’s the full track listing for the self-titled Old Dominion, which comes out October 25: 

“Make It Sweet”
“Smooth Sailing”
“One Man Band”
“Never Be Sorry”
“My Heart Is a Bar”
“Midnight Mess Around”
“Do It with Me”
“Hear You Now”
“I’ll Roll”
“American Style”
“Paint the Grass Green”
“Some People Do”

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