Garth Brooks Excited to Play for NYC Fans at Yankee Stadium: "They Know Their Country Music Here"

Mark TuckerIn 1997, Garth Brooks’ massive free concert in New York City’s Central Park was an enormous success.  So he knew that if and when he came back to the Big Apple, it had to be something equally as special.  That’s why he’s performing his first New York-area concert since 1997 at Yankee Stadium.

Speaking with reporters at the Stadium on Tuesday, Garth said, “We have a three year tour right now that we’re in the middle of for North America alone, and New York was not on that tour simply because trying to figure out a way to come back from Central Park, how to do it again. And I think Yankee Stadium is a wonderful way to come back here, if the people show up. It’ll be nice.”

Garth also put paid to the notion that New Yorkers aren’t really into country. 

“Probably one of the raw deals that New York gets is their knowledge of country music,” he said, “But every time I’ve ever played here — be it at a club…the very first date we had here, an outdoor park for a Toys for Tots drive, Central Park, Long Island, Madison Square Garden — they know their country music here.”

In 2008, Garth actually performed at a New York City ballpark, but that was under special circumstances.  He was a guest at Billy Joel‘s run of shows at the original Shea Stadium, home of the Mets, before it was torn down to make room for the new Citi Field.  So, will Billy be showing up at this show? After all, he did join Garth at Central Park back in 1997.

“Right now the drawing board is clear and clean and yeah my thing is, if I could have Billy every night, I would take him every night,” Garth told reporters. “What a sweet man. And I’m also really square and white, probably the squarest whitest guy you’ve ever met, OK? Billy’s just got this soul about him, this coolness about him, that he comes in and takes your music and bends it to where it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s how it should sound.’”

Garth added, “That might be on the drawing board. A lot of it’s up to Billy, of course. And then hopefully, you know, the greatest thing about entertainment, one of the greatest tools you can use, is surprise.”

Garth also said all the fans would get a great view because he’s going to configure the Stadium into what’s called an “Irish Circle.”  “What it does is it puts the artist out to the people who made that artist, that’s what I like about it, “he explained. “What the ‘Irish Circle’ is gonna allow the artist and the band to do is get out among the people. They’ll be behind and in front, [and] also make the seats behind home plate like front row seats as well.”

But rest assured that everything that’s going into this show is for the fans.

“They are my boss, never worked for better people in my life. Love it,” he told reporters. “And the great thing about my gig is what is good for them, is good for me.”

Tickets for the show go on sale Friday, May 20 at 10 a.m. ET.

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Martina McBride to Get "Reckless" on Daytime TV

ABC/Image Group LAHot on the heels of her new album debuting at number two on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, Martina McBride sits down to discuss Reckless with Kathie Lee and Hoda Wednesday on the fourth hour of NBC’s Today show.

Next Monday, the four-time CMA Female Vocalist of the Year continues making the media rounds, stopping by The Chew to share her favorite grilling recipes for summer. Last year, Martina put out her first cookbook titled Around the Table. You can find out what she’s whipping up at 1 p.m. ET on ABC.

The following Friday, May 27, she’ll sing the track “Just Around the Table” from her new project on ABC’s The View, which starts at 11 a.m. ET.

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Miranda Lambert's "Flame" Burns Bright Even in the Rain

ABC/Image Group LAEven the rain couldn’t dampen Miranda Lambert’s enthusiasm as she kicked off her Keeper of the Flame tour this past weekend in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

“I am so ready!” the seven-time ACM Female Vocalist of the Year told the crowd during her eclectic 20-song set that included covers ranging from Foghat’s “Slow Ride” to Little Feat’s “Willin’.” She even segued into her hit “Little Red Wagon” with a jazzy version of the Ella Fitzgerald tune “Your Red Wagon.”

“The crowd’s energy was just incredible,” she said after the show. “I told them I could feel the rain making its way to the stage, but they didn’t leave. We were all soaked by the end of the night, but those nights are what I live for.”

Miranda continues her trek with Kip Moore and Brothers Osborne Thursday night in Bethel, New York.

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Exclusive Video: See Thomas Rhett Run the NFL Combine Drills

ABC/Image Group LAIs Thomas Rhett ready for the NFL? As part of his partnership with Snap Fitness, the “Die a Happy Man” hitmaker has been leading boot camp classes in select cities as he tours with Jason Aldean. As TR set out to challenge fans, he also agreed to rise to the occasion if anyone wanted to raise the fitness ante for him.

So far, the strength and agility dares have been rolling in — with the latest coming from the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Aaron Murray wondered how Thomas would fare taking on the drills for the NFL Combine. Lucky for Mr. “T-Shirt,” he started training seriously quite some time ago.

“Last year, my New Year’s resolution was to get in really good shape — and I’ve said that for the past however-long I’ve wanted to get in shape,” he confesses. “But I really went for it and got a trainer and worked out really consistently for a year and just noticed that my life changed, from eating right to working out five or six days a week, seeing a change in my body to be able to run around like I do onstage and be able to sing notes correctly and not be out of breath.”

You can check out how Thomas Rhett fares with the 40 Yard Dash, the Broad Jump, the Three Cone Drill and the 20 and 60 Yard Shuffles, in a new video he shared exclusively with ABC Radio.

While he may not be giving up his music career to suit up with the pros anytime soon, he’s certainly in prime condition to lead his latest Snap Fitness boot camp in Dallas, Texas, this Saturday. TR says witnessing the way the workouts are changing his fans’ minds about fitness has been one of the most rewarding parts.

“It was amazing to see, you know certain people would just be like, ‘Man, I don’t think I would’ve done this if you hadn’t been here, and now that I’ve seen kinda what it feels like to sweat and feel good after a workout, I really want to make this a part of my daily routine.’ And that’s really the point, is to help people get into that.” 

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California Girls: Maddie & Tae Head West for "The Talk" and Brad Paisley

BMLGMaddie & Tae are turning into California girls this week. On Tuesday, the “Girl in a Country Song” hitmakers debut their new single “Sierra” on The Talk. You can catch the Los Angeles-based show at 2 p.m. ET on CBS.

Then Thursday, they kick off the Life Amplified Tour in Sacramento with Brad Paisley. Tyler Farr also joins Brad and the ladies for the trek.

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Blake Shelton Admits Adam Levine Influenced a Song on New Record, "If I'm Honest"

Warner Music NashvilleNot only does Blake Shelton’s new album include a duet with his boo Gwen Stefani, you’ll also hear the influence of another personality from NBC’s The Voice on the track “Every Time I Hear That Song.”

“It’s not like anything else I’ve ever recorded before and I’ll be totally honest — as hard as it is for me to say this — it’s got a little Adam Levine influence in it,” the superstar from Oklahoma says. “It’s hard to admit. I hope he doesn’t read this because he’d be like, ‘Hahahahahahaha! I’m your hero!’ But melodically it kind of reminds me of something he would do. It’s obviously country, but when people hear the song, they’ll understand what I’m talking about if they’re familiar with his music.”

You can catch Blake and Adam’s weekly good-natured sparring sessions Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. His new project, If I’m Honest, comes out this Friday.

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You Keep Me Hangin' On: Dierks Bentley Delivers Few Answers in Final Short Film

Capitol NashvilleThe fourth and final video from Dierks Bentley’s series of short films set to songs from his album Black raises more questions than it answers. When we last left the lover’s triangle at the center of the storyline, the cheating girlfriend had run away with her lover, leaving her live-in boyfriend apparently dead in their home. In the latest installment, the remaining two flee to a hotel room — but it’s not clear if their union will survive.

“The final episode of the series actually ends with some questions still to be answered, which is kind of what relationships do… it feels like they are always twisting and turning, and it is really all up for your own interpretation,” Dierks offers. “The album was built around the song ‘Black’… it’s the first song in the album sequence and those three and a half minutes set the rest of the story in motion. It’s really bare and also one of the most intense songs I’ve ever written.”

You be able to hear the rest of the story when Black is released May 27. You can check out the short film set to the title track on YouTube now.

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Keith Urban Pulls the "Ripcord" and Lands at #1

Capitol NashvilleKeith Urban’s eighth studio album not only debuts at the top of Billboard’s country albums chart in the U.S. this week, it’s also number one in his native Australia and in Canada as well. It’s an accomplishment that’s even more significant for the superstar, since the time it took to make the record meant he was already three singles in before its release.

“The 15 months that I spent recording Ripcord was one of the most incredible musical journeys I’ve ever had,” he reflects. “Working with some of the most creative and inspiring musicians to explore and expand my music in the studio was exhilarating. To now see this music connecting with my audience in this way is an extraordinary feeling– it means everything to me.”

Ripcord moved a total of 106,000 units in its first week, enough to finish at number four on Billboard’s all-genre chart. This week, the third single “Wasted Time” becomes Keith’s 36th top ten in a row.

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Brad Paisley and Demi Lovato Ready to "Fight" on "Jimmy Kimmel"

Arista NashvilleBrad Paisley and Demi Lovato officially have a date with Jimmy Kimmel. The pair will mark the TV debut of their new duet Tuesday, May 24 on the comedian’s late night talk show.

“Without a Fight” is the lead single from Brad’s tenth studio album, which is due later this year. Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Score One for Carrie Underwood — She'd Like to Sing with Demi Lovato, Too!

ABC/Image Group LASince Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood have the good-natured camaraderie that comes from having hosted the CMA Awards together eight times, the perpetual jokester couldn’t resist taunting his most-frequent duet partner about his new collaboration with pop star Demi Lovato.

“Hey @CarrieUnderwood I’m singing with @DDLovato on my new song. Jealous?” Brad tweeted.

But it’s hard to get the best of Carrie.  “As a matter of fact, I am…I’ve always wanted to sing with Demi Lovato!” she responded.

Brad and Carrie took their duet “Remind Me” to number one in 2011, and they also team up for “High Life” on Brad’s current album. His collaboration with Demi, “Without a Fight,” is the lead single from his next project.

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