"Nashville" Recap: "Didn't Expect It To Go Down This Way"

ABCOn Wednesday night’s NashvilleRayna Jaymes and Deacon Claybourne searched frantically for their daughter Maddie, who ran away after her dad pulled her off stage when he found the teen playing in a downtown bar. Luke Wheeler had his own missing person’s case on his hands, as his tour partner Riff Bell was nowhere to be found as the opening night of their tour approached.

Juliette Barnes was none too happy to discover that not only was her ex-husband Avery Barkley going on the Wheeler tour with Layla Grant, he was also planning to take their daughter Cadence. Once Juliette witnessed the chemistry between Avery and Layla onstage, she began to feel like the newcomer had stepped into the life that was rightfully hers.

As Will Lexington continued to work on his album for Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records, he got the courage to ask one of his backup singers on a date — only to find out he’d misinterpreted the signals and his potential love interest was straight.

Meanwhile, Autumn Chase still couldn’t stay out of the personal lives of her openers The Exes, eventually coaxing Scarlett O’Connor to admit she and Gunnar Scott still had feelings for each other — they’d just decided not to act on them for the sake of the band. Autumn set her sights on Gunnar as a love interest for herself, though he rebuffed her advances.

Riff eventually turned up in a New Orleans emergency room, suffering a stroke after days of drink, drugs and debauchery with an escort. Real-life country star Thomas Rhett came through to help Luke out on the opening night of the tour, but Layla and Avery were both shocked when Luke announced it would be Juliette who’d be stepping up to fill Riff’s spot for the remainder of the tour.

When Rayna and Deacon finally came face to face with Maddie at her friend Cash’s house, she threw them a huge curveball — announcing she’d talked to a lawyer about becoming emancipated from her famous parents.

The twists and turns of Nashville continue next Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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