Cam Tapped for TED Talk at University of Nevada

Arista NashvilleCam will soon be able to add “motivational speaker” to her resume. The “Burning House” hitmaker has been booked to both speak and sing at the University of Nevada’s TEDx conference next January in Reno.

“I’ve been watching TED Talks for years, and I’ve applied the shared ideas to my life countless times,” the California native reflects. “It’s honestly some of the best content on the Internet. People sharing new ideas through storytelling… it’s like college without the debt!” Cam jokes. “I am so humbled and thrilled that I get to contribute to this beautiful resource.”

So far, there’s no word exactly what the topic of Cam’s TED Talk will be.

An acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design, TED is a non-profit that works to share new ideas, particularly via short talks that typically last 18 minutes or less.

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